How does SI work?
  • Supplemental Instruction is a peer-led facilitated review program
  • Each section has its own SI Leader, who has taken the class and has been successful in it
  • SI Leaders sit through the class again to see what you see and hear what you hear in lecture
  • Leaders host 3 weekly study sessions, each lasting 50 minutes
  • Sessions are free and open to anyone enrolled in your course section
  • Session attendance is voluntary and anonymous to the course instructor
  • You can arrive late or leave early from any of your SI sessions
  • If your session is at the same time as your lunch break, bring your food and eat here!
  • SI is where you can study with classmates, interact with the material in new ways, and review with someone who has already taken the course
  • Pick up study tips from your classmates and SI Leader
  • Learn transferable skills

Statistics have shown that students who regularly attend SI sessions attain from 1/3 to 1 whole letter grade better than those who do not!

Supported courses:

SIP Session Schedule  Click here to find your SI session times

Supplemental Instruction typically supports the following courses:
  • ARH 112 Survey of Non-Western Art
  • BIO 105 Major Concepts Biology *Only with Professor Somers*

  • BIO 111 Principles of Biology I

  • BIO 112 Principles of Biology II

  • BIO 271 Human Anatomy

  • BIO 277 Human Physiology

  • BIO 280 Microbiology
  • BIO 355 Cellular Biology
  • BIO 392 Genetics
  • CCI 205 Mythology
  • CHE 103 General Descriptive Chemistry I

  • CHE 104 General Descriptive Chemistry II

  • CHE 111 General Chemistry I

  • CHE 114 General Chemistry II

  • CHE 351 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHE 352 Organic Chemistry II

  • KIN 291 Clinical Anatomy
  • KIN 292 Clinical Human Physiology

  • KIN 353 Injury and Illness
  • KIN 375 Exercise Physiology
  • MAT 112 Contemporary Topics in Math
  • PHY 211 Physics I
  • PHY 212 Physics II
  • PSY 230 Biological Psychology

(You must be enrolled in the listed specific section(s) to attend these SI sessions)

To see when these sessions are offered, view our schedule or ask your SI Leader!

SIP Session Schedule

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