The Student Study Program (SSP), housed in the Tutoring & Academic Skills Programs (TASP), provides opportunities for students to form collaborative study groups which in turn will foster enhanced study habits and overall academic performance, in and out of the classroom.


How the Student Study Program Works

The Student Study Program (SSP) will help students form study groups in their courses. Students can put in a request to be part of a study group with their classmates in the request page below. SSP will wait until at least one other student from the same course and section has put in a request before attempting to form a group. SSP will provide study strategies in an orientation to assist students in developing effective skills for their group sessions.

SSP Request


Why use SSP?

  • Develop study habits that will help in all courses
  • Make connections with classmates
  • Dedicated time to study each week
  • Adapt sessions to meet the needs of you and your group
  • Better understand course material by discussions with your peers

For SSP Participants

Attendance at Sessions

Students are asked to attend all SSP study sessions. Sessions can be scheduled week-to-week and for varying lengths of time (at least one hour minimum). After a session has been completed students are asked to complete the form. This form allows us to assist the groups throughout the semester.

SSP Attendance Form 


 For any questions please email Emily Polk at!

*Please note that Student Study Program groups are not facilitated by a tutor. If you're interested in receiving tutoring for your course, please find more information here