Outreach Workshops on Learning Skills (OWLS) are designed to help students develop as self-confident and efficient learners by introducing new skills and strategies they can apply to their study routine. We come to your class or meeting, and facilitate an interactive and engaging presentation about the Academic Skills topic of your choice.

 All UNCG students are welcome to attend our all-campus events, or you can request a presentation for your class/student group using the form linked at the bottom of this page.

The all-campus workshop schedule is available at http://tiny.cc/TASPWorkshop

Visit our workshop schedule at tiny.cc/TASPWorkshop

To Request a Workshop

 We have several standard workshops we facilitate across campus by request, which include the topics listed below. Click on each one to read a description of what to expect if you request or attend that session.

Academic Habit Building

In this session, participants will learn the process for creating and reinforcing habits, and will have the opportunity to develop a plan for changing one of their academic habits. We also address common misconceptions about habits, and how to find good contexts for habit creation.

Active Study Strategies

Participants in this session learn about active study strategies, the Study Cycle, and the importance of distributed practice when studying. Students walk away with a list of new approaches, and scheduled time to practice.

Listening Strategies

Learn strategies for improving your listening, including what cues tell you something is important, and how to prepare yourself for active listening.

Learning Styles

Students in this session will learn about different approaches to learning, and how to use a variety of study strategies to improve retention of course information.

Note Taking

This session focuses on building the foundation for good note taking. We discuss why and how to prepare for lectures, several strategies for taking notes during lecture, and approaches to using notes as a study tool.

Memory & Concentration

Participants learn how to avoid common studying pitfalls that shortchange memory processes, as well as how to avoid distractions while studying to improve retention.

Planning & Preparation

Students learn about the consequences of procrastination, and how to use reverse planning in conjunction with their weekly routines to avoid wasting time.

Test Taking Strategies

This session discusses how to decrease test anxiety, as well as tips for answering multiple-choice, true/false, and timed essay questions.

Reading Strategies

Students who attend this session will learn about the benefits of a reading system and reading schedule. We will demonstrate the SQ3R reading strategy and how to modify it for their particular reading needs. **Please make a note in the “special requests” section if you have a specific type of reading you would like us to focus on. Otherwise, we will focus on general textbook reading.

Time Management

We offer three separate workshops on Time Management, depending on your needs. If you select this topic, please tell us in the "Special Requests" section which of these three you would like:

  • Schedule-Crafting: this session focuses on how to create a weekly schedule and incorporate study strategies and systems into participants’ daily routines. Participants leave the session with a study plan for their next week.
  • Planning and Preparation: this session focuses on how to plan for tests, projects, and other large assignments. Participants leave the session with a plan for how to complete at least one large assignment or study for one test.
  • General Overview: this session is a jam-packed overview of how to create a study schedule, how to prioritize study time, and how to plan for projects. (**Note: due to the amount of material covered, this overview does not have as much activity)
Overview of the Student Success Center

Would you like someone to come by and talk with your class or group about the Student Success Center, how to get assistance from our office, or ways we can help participants become more engaged in support services? This session is the one you want. 

**The length of this session is customizable to your need.

Special Requests

Want to have us facilitate a workshop, but you don’t see the topic you want listed above? That’s okay! Just put note in the “special request” box, and we’ll create something that meets your needs. 

Requests for topics not on this list, or requests to combine topics, are considered at the discretion of the Assistant Director for Academic Skills, based on content and presenter availability. We do our best to fulfill every request we receive, and will work with you to prepare a session that meets your needs.

Examples of special topics we have facilitated in the past include: Mind-mapping, Creating a Study Guide, and Academic Goal Planning.


OWLS workshops are typically 50 minutes long. If you need a longer or shorter session, please make note of it in the “Special Requests” section of the request form, and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

During our sessions, we incorporate a variety of learning modalities, including discussions, games, activities, and group work. All of our sessions have learning objectives and a pre/post test to determine if those objectives have been met.

Before requesting a workshop, please read the following requirements:

  • Workshops should only be requested for UNCG students (courses or student groups).
  • We ask for 2 weeks’ notice on all standard topics, and at least 3 weeks for special requests.
  • The requester must be reasonably assured that 10 or more students will be present.
  • OWLS can be presented Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, but are not available during final exams.
  • We will not facilitate a workshop after 8:30 PM. Weekend workshops are facilitated when presenters are available.

We ask that you:

  1. Attend the entire OWLS presentation. We will facilitate the session in an engaging manner, but disruptions or rude behavior should be addressed by the requester, not the facilitator. If you have a class period where you will not be present, and would like to have us come anyway, please talk to us about it via email (TASP@uncg.edu) before submitting your request. 
  2. Reserve a space with a teaching station or a projector. Many of our presentations use PowerPoint, and require access to a computer and a projector. Please have these set up prior to the start time.  If you need us to bring a laptop, let us know in the “Special Requests” box.


To request an OWLS, complete the request form here:

Click here for OWLs Request Form


Please contact TASP:

Email: tasp@uncg.edu
Phone: (336) 334-3878