What is the Tutoring and Academic Skills Program?

Tutoring and Academic Skills Program (TASP) is one of three academic components of the Student Success Center, which provides services to undergraduate students enrolled at UNCG. Services are designed to support students as they pursue their academic goals and become independent learners.

What type of help can I get from TASP?

We provide tutoring; academic skills assessment and instruction; academic workshops; and a resource lab with computers, academic software and handouts.

Where is the Tutoring & Academic Skills Program located?

TASP is located on the first floor of the Forney Building, right on College Avenue in the center of campus.

Main Office: Forney Building, Room 114
Resource Lab: Forney Building, room 112
Staff Offices: Please see "Staff" page for locations of each staff member.

When is the Tutoring and Academic Skills Program open?

The main office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The TASP Resource Lab (Forney Building, room 112) is typically open Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Some evening and weekend services are available by appointment. Contact us for more information.

What is the cost for tutoring and academic skills sessions?

All of our sessions are free and included in the cost of your tuition. You will not need to pay a fee for any of our services. All it costs is your time.

Can I bring my child or a guest/friend to my sessions?

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but children, guests and friends are not permitted to be in any session offered through the Student Success Center.

When should I submit a request?

We recommend as early as possible! The earlier you put in your request the more availability we will have for you!

While we accept requests throughout the entire semester, requests made late in the semester may be placed on a waiting list for academic skills or may not be met for tutoring. All tutoring requests are contingent on tutor availability.

Can TASP staff help me with advising questions?

We encourage you to speak with your academic advisor, or make an appointment with the Students First Office for questions about courses and scheduling.

What kind of tutoring is available?

All of our tutoring appointments are designed to accommodate small groups (2-4 students). Small groups consist of students enrolled in the same course and sections taught by the same professor. If there are no other students who select the same tutoring time from your course section, you may end up working with one of our tutors 1:1 for a period of time.


All students are expected to attend 1 hour of tutoring per week, (and you can request tutoring in up to two courses). Since this is a free service, we only ask that you commit to attending each week.

Where can I request assistance?

Click Here to request a tutor or academic skills specialist.

Click here to see our workshop schedule or to request a workshop for your student group/class.

How often can I meet with my tutor?

Students meet with their tutor(s) one hour per week per course, for up to two courses.

I want more than 1 hour of tutoring a week, can I pay my tutor for additional sessions?

No, our tutors are not permitted to offer private tutoring sessions for students they are working with through TASP.  We encourage you to talk with your tutor about additional resources you can use to help you in your course work! Feel free to come by Forney 114 or make an appointment with one of the tutoring professional staff members. We can speak with you about other campus resources too!

Where can I meet with my tutor?

Tutoring occurs in the Jackson Library or any academic classroom and lab spaces not currently in use by a faculty member (e.g., for class instruction).

Can I bring my essay to be reviewed?

The TASP does not review essays. However, you may contact the Writing Center at (336) 334-3125 for assistance with essays.

Can I do my homework in tutoring sessions?

Tutors are not permitted to work with you on assignments that will be submitted for a grade. However, If you are struggling with an assignment, we encourage you to talk to your tutor about general concepts, similar practice problems, or resources that may help you be successful on your own.  

I am not enrolled in any of the courses you support, could I still request tutoring?

At this time, TASP tutoring services are meant only for UNCG students who are enrolled in supported courses. If you are a UNCG student and your courses aren’t supported, we encourage you to look at our tutoring page for additional resources (including using our Academic Skills service, which can help with any class).

If you are not a UNCG student, we encourage you to browse online for available tutors. Many students who offer private tutoring services will post online to advertise.

Can I bring my friends to tutoring?

TASP Tutoring sessions are only available to enrolled UNCG students who have put in a request and been placed with a tutor by the TASP office.

If your friend is in your course and section and has submitted a request to us, you may ask to be scheduled in the same session. If we have open spots in that session, we will try our best to schedule you together. If your friend has not submitted a request, encourage them to do so ASAP so they can be scheduled in your session.

What should I bring to my sessions?

We ask that you bring your book, lecture notes, and any other resources that may be helpful in your session. You should also come prepared with any questions you have about the material, and your student ID number.

How can I be a tutor?

Students interested in applying for employment as a tutor can fill out an employment application online here.

Requirements include: a minimum GPA of 3.0, with a minimum grade of "B+" in the course(s) tutoring will occur in, faculty references per discipline, availability of at least 5 hours per week, and attendance at weekly paid training (10 per semester).

How much do tutors get paid?

Starting wages for tutors with TASP are:

Undergraduate students: $8.50/hour

Graduate students: $10.00/hour

Post-baccalaureates (not taking classes): $10.61/hour

Someone recommended I get help with my academic skills. What does that mean?

Academic skills are the strategies that you use to be successful academically. These skills can include things like:

  • How you manage your time or time-on-task,
  • How you take notes or read textbooks,
  • How you stay motivated and concentrate,
  • How you study and approach learning,
  • How you prepare for and take tests or quizzes.


If you want some advice on any of these areas, please consider meeting with an Academic Skills specialist through the TASP office.

Do I need an appointment for Academic Skills?

Yes, appointments are required to meet with an academic skills specialist. Request now!

What does skills assessment mean?

The first step in becoming a better student is really understanding where your strengths and weaknesses are-- which is why most students who participate in our Academic Skills service take a study skills assessment or diagnostic as part of their participation.  If you have questions about the assessment we use, please email us at tasp@uncg.edu and we would be happy to talk with you about it further.

Can TASP help me get diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or a learning disability?

Unfortunately, TASP’s Academic Skills specialists are not trained or licensed to diagnose any disability or attention disorder. If you feel you want to investigate whether you have one of these conditions, we recommend speaking to your physician, a counselor, or seeking advice from the Office of Accessibility, Resources, and Services (OARS) for a referral.

However, students with disabilities are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in our Academic Skills service, in addition to any other supports they may choose to receive through the university.

What types of workshops are offered?

Workshops are offered throughout the academic year in various topics: time management, reading strategies, note-taking, studying, test taking strategies, exam preparation, etc.

To request a workshop, or view scheduled workshops, click here.

Who can attend TASP’s workshops?

For open all-campus workshops, any enrolled student at UNCG can come!

For classroom or student group presentations, students who are members of that class or group are welcome to attend.